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In this not-to-miss three-part video series, three brand marketers from the Marketing Innovation Lab community get exclusive access to interview their marketing heroes to discuss the pressing topics keeping them awake at night and the barriers they had to overcome to get to the top of their game.


Episode 1

Jerry Daykin, EMEA senior media director at GSK, is interviewed by Xavier White, CSR and innovation marketing manager at Verizon, about LGBTQ+ rights and the ‘stupid things in marketing’ that keep him awake at night. 



This episode explores:

  • A day in the life of GSK’s media spender and what inspires him every day 
  • How brands should be using their platforms to drive positive change for the LGBTQ+ community 
  • Advice for young marketers who want to follow in his footsteps.


Watch the interview here



Episode 2

Sara Tate, former CEO of TBWA, is interviewed by Allie Lawson, head of brand & marcomms at O2, on the barriers to overcome as a woman to succeed in a career in marketing and advice on how to be a ‘change maker’. 



This episode explores:

  • What it’s like to balance family with a career  
  • How to drive more equality within marketing and corporate leadership positions  
  • Advice for those entering the marketing world and the barriers to overcome to succeed.


Watch the interview here



Episode 3

Adam Morgan, the founder of Eatbigfish is interviewed by Elizabeth Stone, a partnerships marketing manager at Zego on brands being ‘anti-blah’ and more challenger.



This episode explores:

  • The importance of having and championing the freedom to be creative 
  • A more open-minded approach to brand marketing, with the secret ingredient being to challenge mediocracy  
  • How to make a successful challenger brand


Watch the interview here




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