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The Drum Arms in Austin

The Drum's Drams

Date: Sunday March 10th, 1pm-2pm 
Location: Drinks Lounge, 4511, 2001 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, United States


The Drum's Drams: Whisky Tasting

Do you know your single malt from your “Scotch” blend? Or do you prefer a whisky and Coke to a dram of Islay’s finest?

A homage to our Mad Men’s deep-rooted relationship with a whisky to take the edge off (and The Drum’s Scottish roots), The Drum would like to invite you to The Drum’s Drams in Austin at our pop-up The Drum Arms.

Not only will we be dabbling in the Angel’s Share, but we will be reminiscing over times when really brilliant ideas have formed when sipping a peaty, smoky malt. How does the taste inspire that new idea?

Come along to The Drum’s Drams for a taste of the good stuff. Maybe you’ll come up with your next greatest campaign?