Unicorns are eating Dinosaurs so what comes next?


Will being good become good for business?

VC and shareholder money has returned impressive results for the precious few who have made the $1bn+ valuation milestone, but those successes are becoming fewer and harder to find, particularly as the life expectancy of large corporates gets shorter by the year.

What then are new levers to drive success amid increasing pressure from political, social and environmental activism? On this panel we will explore the future of brand success through two key lenses:

  • We’re at a tipping point where widespread system change driven by a re-write of economic models may become a reality in our lifetime. How will tech innovation, consumer demand, public awareness and government policy drive the change and how will firms predict and thrive amongst the shifts?
  • Businesses are no longer built on assets and command and control structures with clearly defined edges. So what does it take to be a leader in 2020?



Katie Tyson, co-founder, Hive Brands
Dave Caygill, managing director, innovation and ventures, Iris
Sonoo Singh, associate editor, The Drum (moderator)
More to be announced


Sponsored by: Iris


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