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The Drum Network is a one-stop-shop for your future growth. Gain new skills, fresh perspectives and access a wealth of experience at these member only events.

Ask The Expert

Ask the Expert Masterclasses are dedicated to supporting our agency CEOs and founders in their daily business challenges.




Lisa Colantuono, President, AAR Partners & EVP, List Partners, and new business expert

Friday, November 12, 9.30-10.30am EST / 2.30-3.30pm GMT, Online.

Drawing on two decades of managing a multitude of reviews and playing a critical part in the relationship between brands and agencies, Lisa will let us into a few of her hard-earned dos (and don’ts) that help you increase your chance of winning new accounts.

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Better Business

Better Business sessions explore how to achieve consistent and sustainable growth for you, your clients and your people.



Diversifying talent for the long term with Ross Taylor, Co-founder of Hidden and Sarah Baumann, MD of VaynerMedia

Thursday, November 25, 1-2pm GMT, Online.

Ross and Sarah will be looking at how to redesign your talent strategy to put diversity at the centre. They’ll explore how to overcome the common challenges of committing to long-term change, the evolving barriers to diversity in a busy job market and some of the strategies you can implement to allow your talent to thrive.

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Raising your profile

Skills workshops and content briefings to support you in your thought leadership.


Sam Anderson  

The Drum Network Q1 Content Briefing

Tuesday January 18, 3-4pm GMT, Online

Hosted by the head of The Drum Network and The Drum Network editor plus special guests, this is the chance for members to get on the inside track. 

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Skills Workshop: Fine-tuning excellent content

Tuesday, February 22, 3-4pm GMT, Online

Your The Drum Network Membership is all about putting your expertise in front of readers. Making sure that it's fine-tuned to audience needs and behaviors makes sure that it reaches the widest possible readership. Join experts in digital publishing from The Drum to make sure you're getting the most out of your pieces.

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The Drum Network Talks



The Drum Network Talks: Setting up Stateside with Keko and The Social Element

Thursday, December 2, 9am PT / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT

An open discussion for Network leaders who are looking into, have started the process, or are in the midst of setting up in the USA. Discuss everything from initial scoping and new business to recruiting and retaining talent. 

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The Metaverse

Tuesday 11 January, 3-4pm GMT

Facebook is Meta now, and briefs are flooding in on the back of the great metaverse wave. But what is the state of the tech? Is the public meta-verse ready? If the metaverse is coming, how will brands exist in it - and how can marketers help them perform?

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Ethics and purpose for agencies

Friday 14 January, 3-4pm GMT

Brands are becoming keener to talk about their role in the world, with ESG becoming a key selling point (as well as an area of jeopardy for brands that can't walk the walk). What is the role of agencies in that ecosystem, from amplifying unheard voices to supporting change programs and beyond?

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Building brilliant brands

Tuesday 1 February, 3-4pm GMT

With all the changes to platforms and audiences over the last few years, it's time for a new playbook on how to create and sustain an excellent brand. Where should we look to for truly game-changing work? What strategies, technologies and ideas sit behind recent breakthroughs?

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Is the B2B/B2C distinction collapsing?

Thursday 10 February, 3-4pm GMT

Some might see B2B and B2C as disciplines with completely separate playbooks. But with a convergence of platforms and publishers, and ever-greater merging of home and work lives, does the distinction make sense for 2022?

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The new customer experience economy

Tuesday 1 March, 3-4pm GMT

The great shift to digital experiences has highlighted the need for accessibility online, as well as the need to stand out in an ever-more cluttered digital landscape. How can brands make even better, longer-lasting connections with customers while supporting their individual needs?

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The evolving agency/client relationship

Thursday 10 March, 3-4pm GMT

The pandemic hastened significant changes in the ways agencies work with their clients, including greater access across the C-Suite, deeper collaboration, and wider briefs across (for example) data and strategy. How is that relationship continuing to evolve, and how should agencies organise themselves in response?

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The fight for talent

Friday 1 April, 3-4pm GMT

The great resignation has hit some businesses hard; and with the rise of remote working, the best workers in the world are now able to take offers from businesses anywhere. How should marketers (and their clients) compete in a talent marketplace that's busier than ever?

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Content and influencers

Tuesday 12 April, 3-4pm GMT

The number of big brands that aren't involved in the new content economies is dwindling to zero, with influencers and their channels capturing a greater-than-ever share of ad spend. As this industry reaches maturity, what are the best practices, hottest trends, and developments on the horizon?

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