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The Drum Network is a one-stop-shop for your future growth. Gain new skills, fresh perspectives and access a wealth of experience at these member only events.

Learning & Development 

Social Media Workshop  


Skills Workshop: Winning at Social Media

When: Thursday, April 21, 10-11am ET / 3-4pm BST
Where: Online

Hosted by member expert, Kineta Kelsall, Senior Director of Social Media Training at Jellyfish and The Drum Social Media Manager, Alexander Cockeram. Together, they'll share their thoughts on how the social media landscape is evolving, alongside tips and tricks on how to bring your brand alive, including…

•    Feeling confident using each social media platform for success, from community building to creating immersive experiences
•    Identifying social commerce and live shopping opportunities for your brand
•    Understanding how to use new platform features to establish relevance with audiences

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Leadership Insight Sessions

The Drum Labs  

Inside in-housing with Simon Martin

When: Wednesday, April 20, 6pm BST, networking and drinks from 7.30pm BST
Where: The Drum Labs, 25-27 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3LT

Join The Drum CEO, Diane Young and Simon Martin, CEO and Founder of Oliver for our latest leadership insight session live from The Drum Labs in Shoreditch, London.

We'll be discussing:
•    From Aviva to advertising - how Simon built a multi-million pound business in a little over a decade
•    The acquisitions he made along the way and his decision to join The BrandTech Group in 2019
•    Retaining talent and creating culture - his take on the current crunch and lessons from a 100% remote business
•    The role of the in-house model in the agency of the future, and his take on the 'culture vs collateral' divide

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The Drum Network Talks 


The Drum Network Talks: Setting up Stateside - Business Development

When: The last Thursday of every month, 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST
Where: Online

A monthly online meet-up for Network leaders who are looking into, have started the process, or are in the midst of setting up in the USA. Experts are brought in depending on topic.
This quarter we discuss all things business development, benefits & HR, acquiring & selling in the US and cultural differences, kick-starting with the agency/client relationship. 

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The Drum Network Talks: Rethinking the CEO’s role in the talent battle

US session: Tuesday, April 26, 9am PST / 12pm EST
EMEA session: Wednesday, 26 April, 9.30am BST
Where: Online

Join Co:definery founder Robin Bonn and former agency HR Director Liz Nottingham, as well as consultant, organisational psychologist, coach and headhunter Lucy Goode, as they facilitate a peer-to-peer discussion that will empower you to get beyond the hype, highlight new opportunities and uncover practical takeaways that will make a real difference.

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Raising your profile 

Editorial roundtables are hosted by The Drum Network Editor and his fellow journalists and are a great opportunity for agency subject matter experts. The discussion is written up for



The evolving agency/client relationship

Thursday 10 March, 3-4pm GMT

The pandemic hastened significant changes in the ways agencies work with their clients, including greater access across the C-Suite, deeper collaboration, and wider briefs across (for example) data and strategy. How is that relationship continuing to evolve, and how should agencies organise themselves in response?

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San Francisco's role in a networked world

Thursday, 24 March, 10am PST

If this historical moment is defined by uncertainty, the continued prosperity of one area seems assured (for some of its inhabitants at least): Silicon Valley. The newest chapter of The Drum Network in the Bay Area, will convene to discuss the future of the place they call home. How will big tech continue to remake the Bay Area - and how about its creations, including AR and VR? And what will all of that mean for San Francisco's agencies and other creatives?

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The fight for talent

Friday 1 April, 3-4pm BST

The great resignation has hit some businesses hard; and with the rise of remote working, the best workers in the world are now able to take offers from businesses anywhere. How should marketers (and their clients) compete in a talent marketplace that's busier than ever?

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Content and influencers

Tuesday 12 April, 3-4pm BST

The number of big brands that aren't involved in the new content economies is dwindling to zero, with influencers and their channels capturing a greater-than-ever share of ad spend. As this industry reaches maturity, what are the best practices, hottest trends, and developments on the horizon?

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