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The Drum Arms in Austin

Gaming on the go

Date: Saturday March 9th, panel discussion 3pm-4pm with a networking happy hour from 4:30pm
Location: Drinks Lounge, 4511, 2001 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, United States

Mobile games: The perfect platform for brands

Entertainment and gaming have always been a ruthless business. And not just the games itself, even behind the scenes the battle lines are drawn when it comes to new tech and consoles in gaming. But with the exponential growth in mobile gaming - with a global user base of about 2.1bn and annual revenues of about $60bn, the era of gaming on the go is getting no less exciting than the traditional games you’d play on consoles.

It’s time to reconsider what your average ‘gamer’ might look like. The Drum, in partnership with AdColony, in Austin, will analyze how mobile games are succeeding in targeting a wider, more diverse audience than their more traditional counterparts, how cross-platform games are succeeding in blurring the lines between mobile and console, and as smartphone processing power continues to improve exponentially – what the future looks like for the gaming community.

Our expert panelists will also explore the following:

  • Why mobile games are the best setting to create branded experiences
  • Why it's the small screen and not the large screen that gives brand advertisers the best bang for buck in today's ad performance-oriented landscape
  • How user-initiated value-exchange rewarded video gives users control of when and how they experience ads, putting them in a better mode and increasing receptiveness to advertising

Panel speakers:

  • Valerie Vacante, Founder, Managing Partner, Collabsco
  • Jude O'Connor, General Manager, Brand, North America, AdColony  
  • Sonoo Singh, Associate Editor, The Drum (moderator)

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