The Drum in Cannes

Tuesday 18 June, 15:00-15:50

Cannes, France

The ‘C’ word: What does culture mean in 2019, and is advertising shaping it or contaminating it? 

It used to be easy for brands to align themselves with the zeitgeist: Coke’s 1971 masterpiece ‘Hilltop’ perfectly encapsulated the hippie-dippie charm of 70s California, while Calvin Klein’s provocative 90s billboards kickstarted a denim revolution.

Now, in a world where advertisers are expected to: act as agents for social change; contend with populism; be both global and local; and appeal to subcultures and fandoms (all across a disintermediated media landscape) it’s becoming trickier for brands to shape and reflect culture.

The Drum’s senior reporter Rebecca Stewart is joined by a panel of cultural commentators from across the industry to discuss what culture means in 2019 and the role advertising plays in it.


Date: Tuesday 18 June 2019, 15:00 - 15:50 
Location: Boat FCB, Jetée Albert Edouard, Cannes

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