The Drum in Cannes

Monday 17 June, 17:30-18:00

Cannes, France

The Sound of Music: how music can change the world

The Drum audience has always known that marketing can change the world; some of you have even done it. It’s just as true that any emotive experience can spur someone towards that change, and that listening to music can be one of the most emotional times of your life.

This Cannes, we’re celebrating the emotive power of music with a session dedicated to our own drummers: The Marching Cobras, a teenage community program from Manhattan’s Harlem.

Join a team of music enthusiasts led by Thomas Binns, the leader of London’s The Guitar Social, to celebrate how music and marketing can change the world together.


Date: Monday 17 June 2019, 17:30 - 18:00 
Location: The Drum Arms, Morrison's Lounge, 8 Rue Teisseire, 06400 Cannes, France

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