The Drum in Cannes

Tuesday 18 June, 15:15-16:00

Cannes, France

When Sorrell met Whipple

In advertising, opinions matter. And few more so than those running the supplying of creative and media services. And so who better to invite to discuss and debate some of the major industry issues than S4 Capital chief Sir Martin Sorrell and Accenture Interactive boss Brian Whipple.

In a one-off moment of history, the two titans of the industry will come together at The Drum Arms to take on some of the big issues being faced by marketing professionals today.

This will never happen again. So be there to listen to a frank discussion that could go anywhere between two of the most influential figures in modern marketing.


Date: Tuesday 18 June 2019, 15:15 - 16:00 
Location: The Drum Arms, Morrison's Lounge, 8 Rue Teisseire, 06400 Cannes, France

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