Join us and #PullA180 to the beat of your own drum

Online, September 22 at 12pm EST / 5pm BST

We want YOU to be part of an exhilarating virtual event and join us in a movement to prove that, when we all come together, marketing truly can change the world. But there’s only 180 spots up for grabs.

How many of The Drum readers have always wanted a lesson in how to play the drums? What if we told you, you can do just that – while at the same time playing your part in helping to turn around the lives of children by giving them access to an education in some of the most remote areas of the world?



As part of the #PullA180 digital fundraising campaign, The Drum is inviting the first 180 registrants to an exclusive lesson hosted by the not-for-profit Drum Works, in which you can learn how to play the drums. Yes, you heard that right – get your kitchen utensils or household appliances ready because a jam session is about to go down. All you need to bring along is yourself and something to use as a drum and sticks – a saucepan or a hardback book covered in a tea towel make good drums, and wooden spoons, rulers, pens, chopsticks, paintbrushes for sticks… you get the idea.



Wednesday, September 22 at 12-1pm EST/ 5-6pm BST, Online

Register here and we will send you the event zoom link. 



Why 180? That is the total minutes it takes 6-year-old Amir to walk to and from school every single day; that’s three hours of clambering up steep hills and through dense vegetation. In his region of Nepal, less than a third of the population completes primary school, keeping children in remote and marginalized communities trapped in a cycle of poverty and illiteracy. It is Amir’s resilience that inspired the #PullA180 challenge, in partnership with United World Schools (UWS) and we want to help turn the lives of kids like Amir around, by helping to raise the funds to build more schools.


Drum and Donate

The Drum audience knows that marketing can change the world; some of you have even done it. It’s just as true that any emotive experience can spur someone towards that change, none more so than when performing or listening to music. If you plan on joining us for this event, we ask that you please make a donation to help turn young lives around. And even if you can’t make it or don’t register to participate, any contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Check out our Just Giving page to learn more about the charity behind the challenge and where to donate

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