Consumer & Market Intelligence in 2022: What’s Impacting Your Brand Health?

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Develop your brand strategy with consumer and market intelligence 

In this age of rapid change, keeping up with consumer beliefs, preferences and values, and reacting in real-time, are critical for brands to remain competitive and address their markets. 

But what does it mean to implement and utilize consumer and market intelligence?
Join NetBase Quid to discover the steps you need to take to develop a proactive brand strategy utilizing consumer and market intelligence. The expert panel will show you how to use rich social and news media analytics to understand:

  • What is continuous consumer and market intelligence?
  • Application and benefits to brand health, competitive intel, product innovation, campaigns, trend analysis, crisis management, and customer care
  • How to continuously monitor the market – technologies, data sources, and techniques
  • The hierarchy of continuous market intelligence – how successful organizations begin and grow their use


The panel:

Marie La France    


Mike Baglietto, Global Head of Market Insights, NetBase Quid

Mike has 15+ years’ experience developing marketing strategies, campaigns and content for addressing the needs of targeted audiences. His experience spans from product management and product marketing to demand generation and social media.


Philippa Dunjay    

Harvey Rañola, Global Head of Media Intelligence, NetBase Quid

Harvey has been developing and executing marketing and revenue operations strategies for more than 10 years. He also has a background in journalism and multimedia production, which has given him the opportunity to create content for media companies and brands like ESPN, Fox Sports and Taco Bell.



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