The Future of Marketing is Customer Experience

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New York, USA

The Future of Marketing is Customer Experience in partnership with Microsoft Advertising

Marketers have been focused on the marketing funnel for years: the sale is the goal; the customer is an after-thought. However future-focused marketers are now putting the customer experience at the heart of everything they do.

The Drum has partnered with Microsoft Advertising to explore this new way of working, inviting marketers to come and learn more about the customer-centric approach.

The panel will explore the following questions:

  • How does customer experience fit in with the marketer of the future?
  • Has focusing on the customer change how you’ve approached marketing?
  • How can we reduce the gap between the 20% of businesses that are using this approach and those that have been left behind?
  • How could we use data and AI to understand the customer journey and leverage marketing efforts?
  • How should marketers think about audience profiles and behavioral data so they can fuel new customer experiences?
  • How should marketers think about developing customer trust?
  • From search, to social, to customer service, what should we not forget in our marketing strategy?


  • Melissa Berger, VP group director, connections strategy, Digitas
  • Geoff Colon, head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio, Microsoft
  • Jorge Urrutia del Pozo, head of fan audience strategy and engagement, NBA
  • Gordon Young, founder and editor-in-chief, The Drum (moderator)


Date: Wednesday, September 25, 3pm-4pm
Location: McHale's, 251 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

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