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The Drum
Do or Di

Coming to a company near you; the four-day working week. Join The Drum for our mini-film premier at Summit. 

Date: Wednesday 4 September 

Time: 6-8pm

Location: Summit London 
                 12 Golden Square
                 W1F 9JE

Are we saying goodbye to the five-day week?

You've probably come across the hot new trend in the industry - 'the four-day week'. That's right, four days of work and a three-day weekend. Sounds like the dream, doesn't it? Something that we'd all love, but it just can't work realistically - surely? At The Drum, we wanted to find out if this is another fad, or if it's the future for us marketers. So, we have collaborated with digital agency, LAB, to create a four-day week documentary; Do or Di.

In our new film documentary, The Drum's very own CEO, Diane Young, goes on the hunt for the pros of the four-day week. She's joined by the CEO of LAB, Jonny Tooze, who tries to persuade her to follow in his footsteps and make Fridays officially part of the weekend. 

Join us on 4 September, for a mini-film premier at Summit London, where we'll be screening the documentary. Diane will then host a panel discussion with industry experts to find out whether or not the four-day week really is a question of do or die for the industry. You'll also get a chance to grill the panel during the interactive Q&A. 

After the panel, you can grab a drink, and get networking. Find out if fellow marketers have been persuaded, or if the five-day week is here to stay. 

Panellists include: 

  • James Webb, managing director, Propel London
  • Marina Lumley, Greengrass Consulting 
  • Rob Kellner, head of content, GrantTree
  • Charlotte Lockhart, chief operating officer, 4 Day Week Global 
  • Jonny Tooze, chief executive offer, LAB 

Register to attend now! No need to bring popcorn, we've sorted the drinks and nibbles.