Video in the golden age of creative – the future of social entertainment



How can marketers prepare for this shift towards content in motion?

The average person spends 100 minutes each day watching online video – and with 732 million active users and an engagement rate five times higher than other social channels, TikTok has ushered a new era for entertainment, creating a new paradigm where consumers increasingly spend their time watching, interacting, and engaging with short-form video.


All these factors are leading to a shift in marketing from a performance-driven approach to a right-brain strategy, bringing us into the Golden Age of Creativity. But what’s in store for the future of social entertainment? Which brands are breaking the boundaries with short-form video? How can marketers prepare for this shift towards content in motion? The Drum and Dash Hudson gather a panel of experts to show and tell us how it’s done.


The panel:

Marie La France    

Marie La France
VP of Strategy,
Dash Hudson

Philippa Dunjay    

Philippa Dunjay
Director of Strategy,
TikTok Creative Lab

Charlie Smith    

Charlie Smith
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Jenni Baker    

Jenni Baker (moderator)
Assistant Editor
The Drum



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