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Retail Media- or the placement of brand-funded ads on retailer sites and apps- has seen rapid growth over the past five years, as it solves key challenges for both retailers and brands. Retailers need new revenue streams in order to continue to operate profitably and keep product costs low for consumers. Brands need more relevant ways to promote products to consumers, without relying on third party cookies, as well as ways to tie media spend to sales outcomes.

With shopping increasingly moving toward ecommerce, we’ve hit a key moment. For Retail Media to reach its full potential, retailers and brands must evolve. This means retailers must act more like traditional media publishers and respond to the needs of brands and major media buying agencies. Brands and agencies must consider how to realign teams and budgets while also leveraging learnings from other types of media buying.

Collaboration is key to the success and growth of Retail Media. Join a webinar with The Drum and Criteo exploring why retail media is critical in this moment and, what each side of the ecosystem needs to contribute in order for it to survive.


The webinar will look at the following:

  • The massive growth of ecommerce: Why Retail Media is a critical tool for retailers and brands right now as the global COVID-19 outbreak impacts people’s lives and shopping behaviors.
  • Retail Media’s Ecosystem: Who’s involved, how it works, and why it combats walled gardens.
  • The benefits: Why Retail Media is a win-win-win medium for consumers, retailers, and brands alike.
  • Investing now: How brands, retailers and agencies may be paying later if they are late to the Retail Media moment.




Chris Sutcliffe, editor, The Drum Network



Nicole Kivel, head of retail media demand, Criteo UK & Northern Europe
Yara El-Daher, head of retail media supply, Criteo Northern Europe
Stuart Johnston, omnichannel commerce director, Publicis


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