The Drum & The Sun Arms - #JusticeForKevin - The Role of Regulation

#JusticeForKevin? - The role of regulation

Since the turn of the year the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has hit Aldi's Kevin the Carrot and Poundland's mischievous elf doll with retrospective ad bans.

Both rulings provoked a strong response from the industry around the role regulation has to play and just how much mischief brands can get away with. Our panel will debate the ins and outs of the cases and their wider implications, putting Kevin back in the dock in the process. Judge John, will oversee the proceedings and make his final ruling, live, for our audience's entertainment.

WHAT: The Drum & The Sun Arms - #JusticeForKevin? - The role of regulation

WHEN: Tuesday 20th March, 10am - 11am

WHERE: The Drum & The Sun Arms, 15 Denman St, London, W1D 7HN