The Drum Network lunch: Revamping the charity sector

Join us as agency experts explore the Oxfam scandal and explain how marketing should be used to rectify the charity.

The panel will deliberate if this faux pas will have a domino effect on the industry and how the charity sector can recover, offering expert advice on the important techniques that were laid out in the charity issue of The Drum Network magazine. From short-term guilt trips to effective marketing, the panel will cover why charities haven’t evolved with other industries and how to bring them to life for the modern generation. Can the charity sector can be salvaged before it is too late?

Andrew Roberts, managing partner, Gravity Thinking
James Wood, head of Earnest Labs, Earnest
Richard Buchanan, managing director and founder, The Clearing

WHAT: The Drum Network lunch: Revamping the charity sectcor

WHEN: Monday 19th March, 12pm – 1pm

WHERE: The Drum & The Sun Arms, 15 Denman St, London, W1D 7HN