The Drum & The Sun Arms - Iotec Pub Lunch

Unilever, P&G, and many others are in a quandary. The industry is calling for accountability in the digital supply chain.

If the advertising community wants advertising to change, there has to be a viable solution. What is that change and how do we  bring it about? We as an industry have to do something really bold. What is that one bold move you will make to make the change?

Join iotec and The Drum to the Ethical Adtech: Trust, but verify pub lunch to find out more on how to ensure you are getting transparency and how you can measure it. Guests from the industry will be asked:

How they are going to encourage the adoption of an ethically-driven technology?

What is that one change they would make this year?

WHAT: Ethical Adtech: Trust, but verify - Pub lunch with iotec

WHEN: Thursday 22nd March, 12pm - 1pm

WHERE: The Drum & The Sun Arms, 15 Denman St, London, W1D 7HN

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