The Drum Agency Business Awards (formerly The Drum Network Awards) aims to celebrate the very best run agencies.

Why is this important? Because clients want to know the businesses they depend on for advice, are well managed in their own right.

Not only that but this event give you the chance to give your key back office team - who perhaps don’t normally feature in awards - the recognition they deserve.

And of course winning an award for being a well run business is a strong statement about what a great place to work you are - an ideal way of positioning yourself to attract the best talent.

It will also allows The Drum - one of the world’s largest marketing platforms - to help keep its readers up to date with best practice, the best companies and the best people, helping them identify the best partners. In other words, if you win, we will tell the world about it.

Agencies are among the best run businesses in industry. So let us celebrate that fact and remind the world that your expertise includes running great businesses as well as great marketing campaigns.

Complete the form below and we will keep you bang up to date on deadlines, entry dates and even tips on winning one of our prestigious awards.