The data revolution driving brand safety, diversity & inclusivity on social video

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Brand safety and suitability of social video advertising has long been an issue for advertisers. However, new themes and issues are now arising in terms of media investment meeting social responsibility goals and having a positive impact on society.

In light of this, Channel Factory, the YouTube advertising partner that delivers custom brand suitability, brand safety, and ad targeting on YouTube, has teamed up with The Drum for a panel session exploring this theme, and to consider how an approach that embraces the principles of “conscious advertising” will drive better results for brands on the platform.


The panel of industry experts will explore new trends and data available to advertisers investing in social video, and also examine how to achieve the best balance of advertising and video content alongside audience targeting. 


The discussion will tie together these points to arrive at a view of how brands can drive a better advertising ecosystem through inclusive targeting that reaches all communities. 


The panel:

Anne Stilling    

Anne Stilling
Global Director of Brand and Media,


Alexis Faulkner
Chief Digital Officer,


Rob Blake
UK Managing Director,
Channel Factory

Jenni Baker    

Jenni Baker (moderator)
Assistant Editor,
The Drum



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